Around the World


This is our tentative schedule, subject to change at any time!


July 1, 2000 - San Diego to visit with Larry's folks

July 6 - Fly to Dallas to see John and Anna

July 8 - Fly to Chicago and standby for flights to Kansas City to visit Pete and Cindy, then back to Chicago to drive up to Minneapolis to visit Brad and Karen

July 17 - After visiting all our kids, we fly on from Chicago to London.(more on next page)

July 18 -through September 14 - Visit our friends the Preeces in England and then ride the rails up to the Norwegian fjords to visit cousin IngerLise before heading to Gothenburg to see other cousins.  Then we have a month to bum around Europe, hopefully spending some time with cousin Kerstin in Vienna or Budapest. It's great to have an excuse to visit cousins in far away places!

September 15 through 21 - Time to relax in the Canary Islands at a timeshare for a week before checking out the southern coast of Spain and France, perhaps by car

October 1 through 8 - Another timeshare, this time in the Italian mountains at Sestrierre. We need to rest up for ...

October 13 - Flying to Istanbul for a 2 week tour of Turkey with the Rick Steves group

October 27 through November 6 - We will see if the boats are still running between Greek islands this late in the season before heading back to Istanbul.

November 7 - Here we come, Hong Kong! This is one very long flight of 11 hours. If we can, we'll pop over to Guanghou, China to get our fill of good food (and some snake - the city's specialty?)

November16 - Fly to Bangkok from Hong Kong and tour Thailand for 3 weeks.

December 2 - Fly to Bali to explore the island for a month before celebrating New Years Eve with friends who we convince to join us.

        CHANGE OF PLANS!      We stayed in Bali till Jan. 20 and then spent 3 days in Japan before flying home to Seattle on Jan. 24 in time to celebrate Mom's 97th birthday on February 2nd.  The reason is explained in our Bali notes.

January 4 - Fly to Australia and try to check out the Great Barrier Reef

January 19 - On to Aukland to see if New Zealand really does look like our own Puget Sound area

January 24 - Fly to Figi and spend our last pennies, if we have any

February 3 - Back again to the great U.S.A.

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