The hot weather continued until after our last work day, when rain finally broke the heat wave that had swept the whole region.  The following morning, we gingerly walked through the muddied work sight for a morning dedication of two finished units.  The local priests blessed the homes in which two single mothers would reside.  Short speeches were made by Habitat participants and homeowners as well as the priests and homemade refreshments were offered before a new team started working and our group set off toward Budapest.  

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It's been a great week, with lots of work accomplished and good friendships begun while volunteers of all ages met for a common purpose - to help provide good, safe and decent housing for those in need.  With all the work, there was also time for frivolity, relaxation, and time to appreciate the beauty of the Romanian countryside and its people.  One evening we had the pleasure of watching some traditional folk dancers who then proceeded to enlist us all.   

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We also went to the weekly market where the women sell their cheeses, paprika and other goods while the men gather at the nearby livestock sale.  

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So, farewell to the work, the fun, the volunteers and our leaders who made it a successful week!

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