2013 Happenings


As usual, it's been a busy year - with 14 trips away from home and the purchase of 3 new rentals

that we have rehabbed, bringing our total number of units to 14. 

Luckily, we have been able to visit with the grandkids in Dallas and Kansas City four times each and one time with all of them together.



We escaped to Cabo for our usual Mexican sun break time in February.







And we headed to the Okanagan Valley of B.C. to check out some wineries with our friends Scott and Suzanne in  April.







This will probably be the last year we join the Kansas City crew in Steamboat Springs because now even Ella skis on the big slopes!  Grandma and  Grandpa are no longer needed to stay with any little one.

May brought the sadness of Larry's Mom passing away, but it also brought Brad and Karen from Minneapolis to join the family in Oceanside for a lovely, thoughtful funeral.

              Summertime with all the grandkids at the del Coronado, SeaWorld, and then Disneyland was a real delight.

Larry and I took a couple long weekends - to Oregon Gardens, south of Portland and also up to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
One of the trips to Dallas included a couple days at a Texas Ranch complete with fishing.
Best Wishes to You for a Happy New Year in 2014!